Intercelluar Matrice feilds of Union


Fields of Union birth to unite the New instance of Twin Flame or Union as portals of reconciliation for the Divine Masculine and Feminine attributes commences. These are fields where the feminine energies hawked into the masculine within the patriarchal infrastructure in order to assist her reassertion. This has a dampening and pulling on the masculine energies and generates a field of servitude attachment model which locks until the Union points can be reconciled as Sophic energies  recalibrate. The off sourced energies  are called back and through the fractal fields where dispersed now can be reunited to tone the feminine to balance of TF discordance.  This rebalance is generating lots of pressure through the etheric and into the physical levels of being. Tenderness and team work for those actively engaged in Union. Preparation for isolation and discord within an neutralizing stance assists this transit.

Isis lineages cease to content as the biosphere of soul union has commenced a rebirth. The crown recalibration and subsequent reconnection of the star lineage soul family infrastructure is reactivated. So it is from within these fields as the horizontal and vertical adjustments to grail lineage adhere and rebalance we collapse and fragment yet again into the darkness to over come the fields of separation and degradation of Being. Cellular construct of bloodline removal activates this forward thrust. For it is from within this state of non state our Being is able to complete the revolutionary tasks at hand-who are we the last to stand find some aspects of solace after many a battle well done? Outside the Lightworker realms another group of Beings exist ones whom excel in deliverance and mercy for it is these Beings, the Eternal Lights, where many cast is sown..they are the proverbial interface of Source and exhibit quintessential abilities and courses of trajectory severely partitioned through the time matrices. Yet it is their time now as well to reseed and sow, to reconnect and rest, to root and grow.

And so it is that we are here upon the final gate, the last voyage into the unknown for as it stands this is the set point for deliverance, the return home, the reconciliation of shadow and the promise of a new day. To stand and exist as Earth Being is the mission return for it is within this seed heaven exists in full potential activated through divine accord and freewill. May the burdens be lightened and the seals be reordered in that peace may prevail.

The Eternal Partitons of the Collectives


The range of particular sequencing in which the soul variants
adhere and endure are causative factors of the disorder.
To recall and reclaim the eternal order is paramount as it is from
this realization we can continue to traverse this great plane
within the original call of Being.
We open to reorder and to reassign through deliberate intention now.
Balancing the cellular matrix to the eternal boundaries we call in the
Divine Order and Balance to be actualized Now.

At this particular grouping of intercepts we culminate and prepare
for what is called the departure. This departure has been in progress
of amplification exponentially compounding through the physical realities.

New beginnings have commenced and old dwellings have been severed.
To call in the original Being of true intention and love is at this
juncture most apparent as it implies the infinite bound.
Bound to this body, bound to this earth, to the multitude of planes.

Within the coordination there have been many ceasing to Being as the holographic
imprints of false constructs and conjunctures have readily departed and have
faded away. This is a culling in part as the shadow reference no longer
serves the attributed capacity.

We speak on origin, of sacred space, of the original intention to Being.
It is within this realm and many others that this situation or protocols
have been completed or relinquished. Hence the commencement of set departure.

From within the worlds of the many worlds the sun has risin and has called
Ancient ones to hear, Ancient ones to be, Ancient ones from the valley…
walk now into the golden plate…the cirical form of fresh
and re awaken the dormant lays and re assert the orignal. For it is within
these calls the voice is heard the resonance is felt and from beyond
I call I am…and therefore you are and so it is…the dawn is birth.

Alignment to original ascension template


There is yet nothing to be felt seen nor heard

We are in the pause and the rebirth awaiting the destination

We come to a state  being where what more can be realized recordered and cleared

There has been a calling back to the eternal lights picking up the original ascension template

and coordinating to the specific release gates…we see the otherside now

The goal would be original soul template embodiment a life of highest potential

But how? This would involve stepping fully into the clearing into the void and rebirthing

through the sacred origin point..igniting our specific tones to this template we synchronize

and accelerate our realization.

Indigo hues and diamond template activation to merge with the earth star…we want nothing

now it is a solo walk into this new frontier of being…

Drop family of origin as false constructs which stalemate the starbeings in transit into false capture zones..

they are not really the parents…remove the membranes which keep you encapsulated…you are eternally free.

Activate and accelerate the diamonds to the stars and fuse the membranes of all discord….

Current Energetics, August 17, 2014


Can you feel it?

Currently, there is occurring a “falling away” of the lower three chakra constructs, required in order to replace and rebuild the personal bioenergetic construct in alignment with the new energetics root, which is affected by earth grid shifting and energy dispersal.

The shadow scrambles while the light immersion of being – implemented through sacral-divine relationships corded through many existences – fall away. A divine reordering is present resulting in the immediate re-examination and release of solar plexus–communal ties taken on through the collective fall and rebirth of humanity.

Heartaches and the dissolvement of higher proponents, or false directives, reveal the state of individualized internal union which is grounded alongside star lineage intercepts of the higher chakra integration. With this, a massive scrambling is happening as shadow is attempting to regain its foothold within individuals and the planetary consciousness, but is unable to find space to hide within.

The time of the Fall is upon all.

The time of the Upliftment is upon all.

Creative fountains flourish as the predominant frequency of healing. Rejuvenation and sustenance takes hold. We have entered the realms of the divine existence as the dark waves rear up, then fall out and away as the light waves rise.

Drop in and Be.

Orgone Matrice Dismantle


July 21-22 is seeing the dismantling of what can be referred to as the Orgone matrice , a multidimensional hierarchical holding tank for beings participating in union template reorder on this current mission. Soul Union in the form of Twin Flame activations and soul merge embodiment are being reconfigured in this the last hour for preparation as we loop back to merge into the New Timelines.

As the separation of those coming across and those staying on alternate time lines has now been defined and set, heart window sanctuary space for those who are being called up into a higher frequency light span is now open to enter. Those activate now can call into this gate others ready to transit and hold the new energies as a buffer space.

Will be interesting over the coming days as we have the Lion’s Gate as well, to see how this energy shifts people. So far, this energy is activating in the primary TF template holders but suspect it will ripple outwards to all. Body pain and flu symptoms all over are the effects of the collapse as we regain control of the body matrix and fulfill another level of soul body union. ~S

Experiences of On Off


Currently there exists an energy state where one is turned on or tuned into higher energetic aspects of Being. Information is channeled with ease  from higher self as if there where never any veils here within the earth body. Expressions of self which we held dear are peculating to the surface to be reborn in expressions of true self. After a  few days/weeks on then suddenly we are turned off for re-calibration and adjustment we suddenly see nothing much in the form of higher vision even dream work quiets.

Extreepressions which no longer match our truth are being called up for departure. This could be relationships, living situations, or work.  There existed testing grounds in the form of doors where we could pass over and practice in the new area without our previous attachments then jump backwards. Now the practice time for hopping  is almost if not over. So now we must cross thresholds and not look back sticking to what we see and feel as our personal truth.

Body work continues to express as well as we adjust to hold the higher energies which are now rooting through our being securely anchoring us into the new grid work at long last. Detox regimes and dietary changes are occurring enmasse as people are sensing the direct correlation of the body to spirit. The high intensity of energies coming at us from the earth and sun require us to be in balance.


We may also see glimpses of timelines from 2009-2010 when we where supposed to transition fully into the New, yet this collapsed out. Now we are still lingering for better footing and with seemingly nothing left of our past lives around us. We are completing the disconnection ever so surely. New realities abound and we are to venture out now one more time to find our true realities. Reviewing the past four years we may of found some lifeline relationships which may now bloom into new expressions to facilitate our voyage. Or these relationships may fade out as a day’s end. All is divine and highly blessed.

As the energies continue to escalate now at a most rapid intensity it has been said that 2014 is like experiencing two years simultaneously as  never before has so much heart ache been apparent all the while never so much heart centered strength and a new sense of neutrality. So confusion still abounds but there is something grounding and shifting in and out turning us on and off.

Be In Peace As You Are, S



Current Energetics, June 5, 2014


Ecstasy becomes lived reality as these succeeding waves of energetic shifting pass through the portal of the sun and lived experience. The sum of choices, of intention approach completion at this phase of conscious living.

We have chosen to fully ground into the new timelines, our choices made. And yet, life remains what it is at core and polarity threatens ever. Neutrality and Light struggle ever against the deprivations of opposition, those forces attempt to regain advantage at every opportunity.

Within this phase, their efforts are tantamount to a final grasping clutch, desperate and needy, finding little purchase. These shadows of shadows attempt to claw us back down into the Abyss of Need, of Want, of Desire, returning us to previous stages of thought and Beingness left behind.

The Dark is still and always will be present, and yet the balance has swung in this time as we have embraced intention and higher energetic realities, bringing into our lived reality the authentic energies of our core selves.

Circumstances withheld now begin to manifest with increasing rapidity and the stabilization of our lives and a profound sense of grounding and material presence is now accentuated by synchronistic events that combine to direct our lives into more coherent flows aligned with our deepest intentions and highest destinies.

New life experiences emerge. The sequestration of recent times is now being released. Rejoice in the moment, in the Now, as it is, in the End, all we ever have.