Artificial Mother


An observation and detection of a deep-seated repulsion against the Mother (Earth, Biological ) – which is not organic to the true nature of Being – is the indication of the Orion construct’s embedding within a psyche. It is an artificial system, imposed upon human consciousness, streaming encoded information through the starseed’s
energetic fields. Activating this false repulsion field either consciously or unconsciously indicates the presence of an innate disdain for the Mother in all forms.

As being representative of skewed perspectives of the Divine Feminine architecture of Being, this impasse has obscured and compartmentalized many aspects of our individuated fields and propelled many discordant
variations through the psychic and energetic fields of the Divine Masculine. As all works as one and all affects all, ultimately, our true freedom as Divine Beings on Earth lies through this recognition and conscious manifestation of the lifestyles and belief systems associated with an holistic understanding of life on earth and beyond.

The importance of this energetic balancing is that we are Now in a phase wherein our ascension is critical with the organic and integral merging of all forms with the Mother. As Earth is rising in vibration so must we also ascend with our form bodies integral to the process and we must be the links between the Above and the Below, thereby
accentuating the Divine through all representations of such. Transmutation as process to transcend the gates that hold us back and down.

These particular energies are linked with Arachnid energies (dark webbing and entrapment, capture) of extraterrestrial origin. We may have always felt as if we were caught within the Earth plane of existence and within our families of origin. This may have manifest as a particular and visceral repulsion of all arachnid types; a feeling
of needing to flee, as our life force has been sucked out of our core energetic fields by the biological mother and a surrounding field supplanted and supported by these Arachnid energies. This resulted in a deep hatred for this uncomfortable and incongruent pattern. Guilt is the key lockdown in this particular form of entrapment. The feeling
arising being that of intense inner questioning, to the effect of how could we really hate our giver, the sustainer of life, our own Mother?
And, what does this do to our energetic connection with the earth moving forward? Its inevitable byproduct is the failure and inability to connect in integral relationships with both women and men in our lives until that darkness is removed from our fields.

Starseed incarnation – through the incarnational gates – result in beings being tagged by various energies. At higher levels, the being knows and sees the process, yet once descended into form and incarnation all that is left is the feeling and manifestation of the energies and the impetus to retrace ethical benchmarks for reordering;
using the vision and feeling body to identify and deconstruct the false matrix. This is how a starseed completes cycles of energy imbalance.

Purpose of infiltration- to scan, probe and infiltrate the Earth Plane via the starseed coding-like piggy backing of controlling energetic matrices that obscure important frequency waves. It is a monitoring, feedback system of shadow energies that trace back to the Orion gate as patterns acting as energetic caging, webbing and feeding apparatus. In other words, emotional body suckers vampiric in nature. All false constructs have to be seen and called up to be released out. Moving the sphere of the mother energies outside of our fields as well as instilling vital and robust space in order to finally free ourselves within the space of our own liberated energy constructs. As a result,
new boundaries within our relationships form that disallow this programmed siphoning. You find yourself then freer, at least, and inclined toward the continuing consolidation of your own your inner space without being constantly scanned and probed by energies now known to be foreign.

Currently, there is an emergency evacuation request at higher levels. This request is designed to facilitate the evacuation of the false matrix, so anywhere your energies have been locked in place and difficult to release are now opened to your directed energetic remediation. It is now possible for you to invoke your higher self to remove these false matrices and proceed along the lines of infrastructural clearing. This action will open you up energetically.
Your potentiality unbound, you will then be open to new realities and circumstances where your willingness to transcend through the transmutational process is freed to proceed without blockage.

Ethereal Matrix


So it is here. Can you feel it? There has been a most significant energetic establishment, resulting in the complete connection of ascendant souls to a new energetic infrastructure! The Ethereal Matrix (more information can now be accessed through the empathetic system and used to facilitate our individual and collective manifestation of a life divine.

For what felt like an eternity, filled with much doubt and confusion, we have been tossed and turned in the throes of an energetic tsunami that has tested us all to the utmost. The wait is now over. The new  infrastructure, finally activated by the Human Angelics, now enables those who wish to actively transmutate and exist within a heaven on earth to do so. This is such a massive phase of transformation currently commencing that once one fully realizes the scope and potential of it, it becomes clear that all we have incarnated here for will be actualized and that our divine missions are fully activating and taking hold.

The transits into the new realities are as gradual and yet as powerful as one feels in moments of highest epiphany. As we identify and transmute unbalanced energy patterns back into the flow of the ethereal matrix we will be actively working with the multidimensional aspects of being which will gradually disconnect from all that is not organic to them. Therefore, new realities will be created based on pure soul reflections with fewer interference patterns.
As this new information sinks in and we acclimatize and actualize our highest intentions we can turn away from that which does not sustain us and infuse ourselves with the divine light of spirit as the clear expression of Source light. So take note and be prepared to move forward at full speed, all is clear ahead sans the usual backlash of previous leaps.

Twin Flame

Crediting Angel Ackrivo with themes and information contained in this post.

Through the Gateway


Through the gateway of the Old and into the New we are.

Vivid dreams of transit, departure, honing and balance foresight.

Agitation/anger of anticipation and sadness/grief of loss.

Attacks as shadow tries to reinsert.

New void as nothing of Old seems to fit.

Fatigue, sensitivities, life revision and recall.

So much release of people, behaviors , patterns- more purging, if this is even possible, a call to return to Essence.

Energy downloads, burning eyes and feet, grounding.

Disorientation as so much has terminated.

Solitude, introspection, analysis of where to pick up, which direction to go…

Where is our sacred space? It is in the higher pure tones, it is in the silence, in the stillness, in the Self.

We have broken apart and are Being pieced back together..


Current Energetics- No Pass Zone Complete


Lines in the sand more determinant, fortified, and distinguished between Old world Paradigm and New.



Faintest of remnant energetic abilities or infrastructure to maintain or traverse this range (3d old world to New) is at all time minimal..blending phases (where we cycled back into lower fields to assist and hold access (through our gates of Being) ) has completed???…feels so, as if we can no longer compromise our selves, new paths must be ignited as we are complete. We can see this expressed as not being able to support others whom are not in similar alignment. We are done being a feeding pool for discordant energies, a lodgement reservoir hub of transmutative potential where misaligned energies fester…it is time for Free Fall as courses have been chosen.

New infusions of energetics have commenced on grand scale in blocks of energetic embodiments as Christ Consciousness grids anchor into form(can be referred to as the Maitreya and the elemental infusions) and radiate the new potentials for created and un-created realities manifest.

Major redirection now in progress as we are re-tuned, attuned, reallocated, anchored, re-stationed, emergence, re-patterned , represented a new. Life changes manifesting quickly, doors closing and opening , relationships ending or refreshing and of course beginning, core dreams dropping into and streaming form based realities as we say good bye to Old representations of existence.

Insomnia at all time high as such intense energies are igniting in the third mind center (space of the triad or unity field in the mind- as a hub of energetics which exist and shift from lower polarized left right mind channels). Tuning into this center space grants one access into the new earth energetic fields…can use binaural beatz to open path ways to the new harmonic ranges as entrainment…

Pure tone stations flood into and superseed reality streams (energies from beyond the created matrices- so pure essence extending as Being manifesting as an extension of essence not intention) thus collapsing old behaviors and patterns which seemed insurmountable are now sealing out and completing. Facilitate this process by consciously turning away from patterns of discord..disallow the mind space. Id, and Change the channel.

Working from within the created one can intend archs , intend fortification of seals to remove from the old , to diminish transit points to disavow energetics counter to new propulsion momentum (New Earth Feilds) as you are now a no entry zone for mass fields of discordance.




Beyond the gates of Love n Light


There exists dimensional frequency ranges where collective consciousness holograms express as a paradigm called Love n Light. Within the New Age collective this paradigm serves to maintain a specific bandwidth and those whom partake within set space align to the fundamental belief that all is Love n Light and to just turn a blind eye to the existence of Shadow.

What determines existence? Does one have to hold a belief in order to manifest an expression of existence? Is there other order realities where our lower frequencies do not interpret the energies and therefore the energies do not exist? Where are beliefs created and un-created and housed within our being? Sub conscious? Conscious? Emotional Body? Physical Body? As Infinite Beings is not the infinite possible? and how does this coalesce into our realities?

Energy exists or does not exist in regard to our specific being depending upon our fundamental frequency and subsequent harmonic overtones/ranges. Therefore one being can have specific attributes of an existence apply and yet another being will not. As well there are various ranges of soul creation matrices with various ranges of pure source tone. There exist as well beings created without a soul.

If a particular being resonates to a particular collective they are either created at that range or a portion of the being is overlayed to assist with propulsion out of stage paradigm sets.In the application of love and light and ascension this would be to place the awareness of transmutation of the shadow aspects of self and how by the process of altering core beliefs the fundamental frequencies can be compounded and accelerated out of partitioned matrice sets of lower density lock downs.

By opening to a new paradigm where Shadow is not to be ignored but instead can hold and honor the arrangement and acquiesce into a new form of Being. These are the gems of ascension, the grander scales of awareness opening to shifts not from A to B but A to Z.

If the fundamental of shadow is not part of fundamental infrastructure then the service to other process will invoke and super-seed the realities of via altruistic process. If you see it, feel it, are it, there is a representation within the range which is so and therefore the application of neutrality and transmutation can be applied and shifts of consciousness invoked which ripple out for the whole.

Before the Gates

Before the Gates

Infinite Ascension Dynamics


If we are infinite Beings(fundamental frequency of Source expression) expressing through infinite arrangement and thus creating and co-creating infinite realities simultaneously how do we apply this concept to the process of ascension?

Firstly what really is the definition of ascension? Is it the acceleration of frequency to promote shifts or alterations in order to change realities of expression and Being? If so, what realities are we altering and why? What is our desired  resultant? Many speak of a “New Earth” is this a singular space or is it again a range of expression of the infinite expression of Being?

From the perspective that we are existing simultaneously as infinite expression which grounds (as in anchors) to and into various planes of materiality, to ether,  ever expanding outside of time and space via continuums which transverse  void or neutrality fields merging the local universe to multiverses, beyond, to Source.

What is then the nature of reality and is this interpreted as a match of the fundamental frequency of each Being? The reality is actualized through infinite fields which correspond to the fundamental and all subsequent blends and compounds of harmonics which then culminate in to expression. The vibrational location of the resultant expression represents the majority or the hub frequency set. Examples are dreams, visions and material form.

Applying this approach when one or more expressions match they compound the resultant and expand and fortify a field effect thus creating the reality of lets say a collective. The collective expression unites multiple identities and forms various attributes such as shared reality holograms. One such variant of a hologram is in fact the material earth form. This form is singular while infinite as all is One and carries the same base properties just reordered into a resultant expression.

Therefore the New Earth is the creation of the co-creation process of collective formulations merging into a range of new reality sets which express through the continuum of Source. The expression range is being created due to a call from a range of Being which desires to birth a new absolute reality span. Migrating from a denser frequency pool (Old Earth) the new dynamic is hub for accelerated frequency allocation into form. The transmutation through form is to represent the alternations of an ascension dynamic while remaining in form.

Returning to the dynamic of the infinite, we exist as an infinite continuum whereby infinite possibility is ever present and actualized continuously altering and expressing through and beyond every instance. Therefore the New Earth will be manifesting to you as an expression and representation of your specific fundamental frequency and the various hubs of expression which you as Being represent as a specific dynamic. Therefore no two realities will be the same, yet they can be similar. No two routes will be the same but they can be similar. No two processes are the same yet are similar. What are you creating? and How are you creating?

Flower Goddess

Flower Goddess

Rain Falls of Disconnect


Calling in and no one seems to be home enter the spheres of disconnect, the integral phases of process where we are purposefully tuned out in order assimilate grander patterns and processes. This phase feels so null and void yet it is the time where the fertile grounds are seeded and tended to deep inside the Being.  As the storm clouds of upheaval drift away, the stillness remains waiting for the infusion to seed, root and birth a new representation.


Physical levels purge and mind shuts down…into the daze we remain held. Fatigue presents and all one can do is surrender to process. Be still and know I am feeling the higher tones near. For it is within this sacred space the angels tend and the over Being resides whole heartily content in knowing and presence. New horizons colour the imaginative corridors and percolate various instances of life experience upon the vista of Self. Safely in the abode of Self we culminate.



Heart centered awareness, breath and stillness are present.  Emergence is upon us as we walk and expand into all that Is. Calculative patterns dismantled and diminished we resurface with new insights and awareness which is used to propel and balance our natures. Emotive routes well up and flood, clearing new routes of expression and re-connection. Inner balance and correlative essence streams reconcile demise and disdain.