Enter the Storm


Self containment is the realization of who you are and what you require and releasing out that which is not a match. Making the active choice to contain the aspects of self that comprise the personality construct and that which shines from within. The question must be asked: where do you go to feed energetically off of others, as your own vital connections to Source and Self are non-operational or mis-directed? To accurately discern the answer, it becomes necessary to consciously re-direct your attention from those inner spaces where imbalance is agitating your being.

Query internally in order to see inside self. Identify the sore spots and ask for immediate transmutation of being, which is necessary to reseal core expression with the light of Source. This is done in order to enhance your personal sphere as that others words or actions no longer disintegrate your peace or sense of Self. By separating out that which does not serve your highest state of beingness, one can remove the lower-vibratory state being presented through situation and response. Release the cordings.

Processing shadow, one allows self to see, be and experience the discomfort of internal confusion. We can ask for guidance and insights as to how the removal of these sore spots shall be invoked. The simple and directed intention to release these blockages is all that is required. Self-love and the feelings you bestow upon others radiate inwards towards yourself through nurturance and reverence. This is the internal space to cultivate, to beseech source for and to cut through the inner detritus in order to release and transform a life bounded by limitation.


Mercury Breaking Ground


Energetics for current period are as the astrology is presenting.

Mercury is liquid silver flowing under the ground and breaking

the dense surface of our life expression. Fear and trauma is being

released as old stances no longer serve this new energy dynamic where

we are to stand in the fire of transmutation and not run and hide.

Rainbow coalescent forms appear in the sky as deeper integration to the

new grids seal and coordinate.

Heart seals release as we go deeper and release the darkness which hides within.

Physical to emotional field release…especially heart, high heart , throat and third eye.

Family of origin patterning as well as Twin Flame union bounds are being purged which

feels like death release.

From inside we can see the drama and fear swirling about and we can take refuge

inside Self – to be Still and know I Am..this pain is an illusion and so to separate out

from it serves for the release..as we do not fear as only the authentic will be left

standing. It is not a time to impress New motion but to clear old trauma.

How fast can you identify discord, drop and roll out of its expression.

This is the current mastery at play.

 Twin Flame


Mastering the Kaleidoscope of Fractalization


That which is seen and known is a reflection of Being, dispersed into mirror balls of fractal semblance. All which you see in your world and environment is your creation and the compounding of collective fields beyond your own personal expression. As healers, facilitators and teachers – or within any exchange – it is important to recognize that all you see in another is that which you are, otherwise it could not exist.

The scope of our experience will be as vast as the recognition of our individuated beingness. Therefore, when interacting with another, you are indeed facilitating the expression and evolution of your own personal and collective fields and beyond in the process of correcting, balancing and extending potentiality. Taking note of all lessons presenting during the course of your life, to include all beings coming in contact, take this time to amplify your adjustments to the next level and beyond consciously and, by doing so, you will propel the Whole into greater expression of this integral beingness.

As we see deeper within ourselves and comprehend our realities projected outwards and as represented by another, mirroring this we can sit in compassion for the other, but more integrally, for the Self. For it is within the Self where the actual seeds of discontent transform into joy, where the movement of pleasure to pain exists and coalesces and where the other is recognized in actuality as the healer and facilitator. Our teacher, if we so chose to see it thusly.

Rainbow Hub

Rainbow Hub

Artificial Mother


An observation and detection of a deep-seated repulsion against the Mother (Earth, Biological ) – which is not organic to the true nature of Being – is the indication of the Orion construct’s embedding within a psyche. It is an artificial system, imposed upon human consciousness, streaming encoded information through the starseed’s
energetic fields. Activating this false repulsion field either consciously or unconsciously indicates the presence of an innate disdain for the Mother in all forms.

As being representative of skewed perspectives of the Divine Feminine architecture of Being, this impasse has obscured and compartmentalized many aspects of our individuated fields and propelled many discordant
variations through the psychic and energetic fields of the Divine Masculine. As all works as one and all affects all, ultimately, our true freedom as Divine Beings on Earth lies through this recognition and conscious manifestation of the lifestyles and belief systems associated with an holistic understanding of life on earth and beyond.

The importance of this energetic balancing is that we are Now in a phase wherein our ascension is critical with the organic and integral merging of all forms with the Mother. As Earth is rising in vibration so must we also ascend with our form bodies integral to the process and we must be the links between the Above and the Below, thereby
accentuating the Divine through all representations of such. Transmutation as process to transcend the gates that hold us back and down.

These particular energies are linked with Arachnid energies (dark webbing and entrapment, capture) of extraterrestrial origin. We may have always felt as if we were caught within the Earth plane of existence and within our families of origin. This may have manifest as a particular and visceral repulsion of all arachnid types; a feeling
of needing to flee, as our life force has been sucked out of our core energetic fields by the biological mother and a surrounding field supplanted and supported by these Arachnid energies. This resulted in a deep hatred for this uncomfortable and incongruent pattern. Guilt is the key lockdown in this particular form of entrapment. The feeling
arising being that of intense inner questioning, to the effect of how could we really hate our giver, the sustainer of life, our own Mother?
And, what does this do to our energetic connection with the earth moving forward? Its inevitable byproduct is the failure and inability to connect in integral relationships with both women and men in our lives until that darkness is removed from our fields.

Starseed incarnation – through the incarnational gates – result in beings being tagged by various energies. At higher levels, the being knows and sees the process, yet once descended into form and incarnation all that is left is the feeling and manifestation of the energies and the impetus to retrace ethical benchmarks for reordering;
using the vision and feeling body to identify and deconstruct the false matrix. This is how a starseed completes cycles of energy imbalance.

Purpose of infiltration- to scan, probe and infiltrate the Earth Plane via the starseed coding-like piggy backing of controlling energetic matrices that obscure important frequency waves. It is a monitoring, feedback system of shadow energies that trace back to the Orion gate as patterns acting as energetic caging, webbing and feeding apparatus. In other words, emotional body suckers vampiric in nature. All false constructs have to be seen and called up to be released out. Moving the sphere of the mother energies outside of our fields as well as instilling vital and robust space in order to finally free ourselves within the space of our own liberated energy constructs. As a result,
new boundaries within our relationships form that disallow this programmed siphoning. You find yourself then freer, at least, and inclined toward the continuing consolidation of your own your inner space without being constantly scanned and probed by energies now known to be foreign.

Currently, there is an emergency evacuation request at higher levels. This request is designed to facilitate the evacuation of the false matrix, so anywhere your energies have been locked in place and difficult to release are now opened to your directed energetic remediation. It is now possible for you to invoke your higher self to remove these false matrices and proceed along the lines of infrastructural clearing. This action will open you up energetically.
Your potentiality unbound, you will then be open to new realities and circumstances where your willingness to transcend through the transmutational process is freed to proceed without blockage.

Ethereal Matrix


So it is here. Can you feel it? There has been a most significant energetic establishment, resulting in the complete connection of ascendant souls to a new energetic infrastructure! The Ethereal Matrix (more informationhttp://www.empathviews.com/services-2/) can now be accessed through the empathetic system and used to facilitate our individual and collective manifestation of a life divine.

For what felt like an eternity, filled with much doubt and confusion, we have been tossed and turned in the throes of an energetic tsunami that has tested us all to the utmost. The wait is now over. The new  infrastructure, finally activated by the Human Angelics, now enables those who wish to actively transmutate and exist within a heaven on earth to do so. This is such a massive phase of transformation currently commencing that once one fully realizes the scope and potential of it, it becomes clear that all we have incarnated here for will be actualized and that our divine missions are fully activating and taking hold.

The transits into the new realities are as gradual and yet as powerful as one feels in moments of highest epiphany. As we identify and transmute unbalanced energy patterns back into the flow of the ethereal matrix we will be actively working with the multidimensional aspects of being which will gradually disconnect from all that is not organic to them. Therefore, new realities will be created based on pure soul reflections with fewer interference patterns.
As this new information sinks in and we acclimatize and actualize our highest intentions we can turn away from that which does not sustain us and infuse ourselves with the divine light of spirit as the clear expression of Source light. So take note and be prepared to move forward at full speed, all is clear ahead sans the usual backlash of previous leaps.

Twin Flame

Crediting Angel Ackrivo with themes and information contained in this post.


Through the Gateway


Through the gateway of the Old and into the New we are.

Vivid dreams of transit, departure, honing and balance foresight.

Agitation/anger of anticipation and sadness/grief of loss.

Attacks as shadow tries to reinsert.

New void as nothing of Old seems to fit.

Fatigue, sensitivities, life revision and recall.

So much release of people, behaviors , patterns- more purging, if this is even possible, a call to return to Essence.

Energy downloads, burning eyes and feet, grounding.

Disorientation as so much has terminated.

Solitude, introspection, analysis of where to pick up, which direction to go…

Where is our sacred space? It is in the higher pure tones, it is in the silence, in the stillness, in the Self.

We have broken apart and are Being pieced back together..


Current Energetics- No Pass Zone Complete


Lines in the sand more determinant, fortified, and distinguished between Old world Paradigm and New.



Faintest of remnant energetic abilities or infrastructure to maintain or traverse this range (3d old world to New) is at all time minimal..blending phases (where we cycled back into lower fields to assist and hold access (through our gates of Being) ) has completed???…feels so, as if we can no longer compromise our selves, new paths must be ignited as we are complete. We can see this expressed as not being able to support others whom are not in similar alignment. We are done being a feeding pool for discordant energies, a lodgement reservoir hub of transmutative potential where misaligned energies fester…it is time for Free Fall as courses have been chosen.

New infusions of energetics have commenced on grand scale in blocks of energetic embodiments as Christ Consciousness grids anchor into form(can be referred to as the Maitreya and the elemental infusions) and radiate the new potentials for created and un-created realities manifest.

Major redirection now in progress as we are re-tuned, attuned, reallocated, anchored, re-stationed, emergence, re-patterned , represented a new. Life changes manifesting quickly, doors closing and opening , relationships ending or refreshing and of course beginning, core dreams dropping into and streaming form based realities as we say good bye to Old representations of existence.

Insomnia at all time high as such intense energies are igniting in the third mind center (space of the triad or unity field in the mind- as a hub of energetics which exist and shift from lower polarized left right mind channels). Tuning into this center space grants one access into the new earth energetic fields…can use binaural beatz to open path ways to the new harmonic ranges as entrainment…

Pure tone stations flood into and superseed reality streams (energies from beyond the created matrices- so pure essence extending as Being manifesting as an extension of essence not intention) thus collapsing old behaviors and patterns which seemed insurmountable are now sealing out and completing. Facilitate this process by consciously turning away from patterns of discord..disallow the mind space. Id, and Change the channel.

Working from within the created one can intend archs , intend fortification of seals to remove from the old , to diminish transit points to disavow energetics counter to new propulsion momentum (New Earth Feilds) as you are now a no entry zone for mass fields of discordance.