Experiences of On Off


Currently there exists an energy state where one is turned on or tuned into higher energetic aspects of Being. Information is channeled with ease  from higher self as if there where never any veils here within the earth body. Expressions of self which we held dear are peculating to the surface to be reborn in expressions of true self. After a  few days/weeks on then suddenly we are turned off for re-calibration and adjustment we suddenly see nothing much in the form of higher vision even dream work quiets.

Extreepressions which no longer match our truth are being called up for departure. This could be relationships, living situations, or work.  There existed testing grounds in the form of doors where we could pass over and practice in the new area without our previous attachments then jump backwards. Now the practice time for hopping  is almost if not over. So now we must cross thresholds and not look back sticking to what we see and feel as our personal truth.

Body work continues to express as well as we adjust to hold the higher energies which are now rooting through our being securely anchoring us into the new grid work at long last. Detox regimes and dietary changes are occurring enmasse as people are sensing the direct correlation of the body to spirit. The high intensity of energies coming at us from the earth and sun require us to be in balance.


We may also see glimpses of timelines from 2009-2010 when we where supposed to transition fully into the New, yet this collapsed out. Now we are still lingering for better footing and with seemingly nothing left of our past lives around us. We are completing the disconnection ever so surely. New realities abound and we are to venture out now one more time to find our true realities. Reviewing the past four years we may of found some lifeline relationships which may now bloom into new expressions to facilitate our voyage. Or these relationships may fade out as a day’s end. All is divine and highly blessed.

As the energies continue to escalate now at a most rapid intensity it has been said that 2014 is like experiencing two years simultaneously as  never before has so much heart ache been apparent all the while never so much heart centered strength and a new sense of neutrality. So confusion still abounds but there is something grounding and shifting in and out turning us on and off.

Be In Peace As You Are, S



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